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Quality specializes in the implementation of investments, from project development to investment management.

We care about the integrity of our solutions, their timely execution and professionalism in managing your investment.

Our team’s experience allows us to avoid the typical errors that often occur in a technical project at the initial stages of the investment.

Our strategy is based on our experience; we aim to guarantee the highest quality service through the optimization of existing solutions.

Our Offer

We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.

Project Development

We offer complex management of your investment, starting with the selection of the appropriate location, planning and implementation of works, to the technical surveillance regarding renewable energy generated by:

  • wind (wind turbines),
  • the sun (PV generators),
  • water (hydropower plants),
  • biomass (biogas plants),

New Technologies

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Research & Development

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Project management

Our services include both long-term projects involving investment management; and those limited to bringing the project to its timely completion and commissioning.Quality has experience in delivering complex project management services in the fields of renewable energy construction.

Preparation and fulfillment of your investment

  • Management, technical supervision of preliminary and working designs,
  • Administrate the procedures required to obtain technical conditions of power grid connection, development and coordination of the connection concept, negotiation for technical conditions of connection, and of the connection agreement,
  • Oversight of procedures (urbanistic, environmental character, etc.) aimed at obtaining building permits,
  • Connect with local communities (local authorities and inhabitants) before and during the implementation of the project.

Report to banks and financing institutions

  • Owner representation services within the scope required by the construction law,
  • Project management,
  • Evaluate the preparation and implementation of projects (project monitoring, designed for both financing institutions and investors),
  • Supervision of the investment,
  • Control of implementation costs,
  • Provide consultation for investment projects (technical and design, procedures, permits and licenses issued, organization of tendering processes aimed at selecting contractors, etc.),
  • Technical and formal analysis of designs (due diligence),
  • Evaluate contracts with design teams and contractors,
  • Develop cost estimates and all types of cost studies related to the construction sector; evaluate work programs.

Owner representation services

  • Perform site engineering duties as required by Polish law,
  • Verify that the work complies with building permits, designs and norms,
  • Oversee that health and safety regulations are observed on site,
  • Control the quality and progress of construction,
  • Ensure quality and construction compliance is in line with the Polish construction law requirements,
  • Participate in the structure acceptance proceedure.

Review of permits and orders

  • Review the available information concerning the prepared preliminary design of the structure,
  • Review of structure acceptance procedures,
  • Review the available information concerning the operation of the structure and the contracts signed for this purpose,
  • Inspection of completed works.

Engineering services

find solutions improve reliability expect excellence

Our engineering services team is made up of specialists in their field. We focus our talents and efforts to create effective and efficient solutions for our customers in the areas of safety, reducing operating costs, and improving productivity, such as:

  • Startup and commissioning services for all of your electrical and mechanical equipment needs,
  • Project management services that include scheduling, purchasing, tracking, engineering and construction management,
  • Upgrades and modernization services that deliver technical innovations at a cost far lower than replacement,
  • Emergency response services.
  • Supervise and perform pre-commissioning of power generators and substations,
  • Implement connection procedures at substations,

Facility Management

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Our company in action

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